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REVIEW: Bourbon Island 1730 (8/10)

Bourbon Island 1730 First Second 2008 Story: Lewis Trondheim Art: Apollo ISBN 978-1596432581 Score 8/10 In my last review, I lamented not having stumbled across a good book in a while. At this point I’m more or less randomly grabbing … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Unknown Soldier, Vol. 1: Haunted House (4/10)

Unknown Soldier, Vol. 1: Haunted House Vertigo 2009 Story: Joshua Dysart Art: Alberto Ponticelli ISBN 978-1401223113 Score 4/10 Alright, I’m going to keep this review short and sweet, just like Unknown Soldier, Vol. 1: Haunted House is. Well, short anyway… … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Stuck Rubber Baby (6/10)

Stuck Rubber Baby Vertigo 2010 Howard Cruse ISBN 978-1401227135 Score 6/10 For the past couple weeks I’ve been reading Stuck Rubber Baby, by acclaimed author/illustrator Howard Cruse. Stuck Rubber Baby was originally published in 1995 on┬áDC Comics‘s Paradox Press imprint, … Continue reading

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The Library!

Hello folks. It’s been a little while since I’ve done a review, because the book I’m currently reading (Stuck Rubber Baby by Howard Cruse) happens to be taking forever. But I’ll tell you all about that later… In the meantime, … Continue reading

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My Favorite Comics

Ever since I rediscovered the joy of comics a couple years ago, I’ve been reading them pretty much non-stop. You can fly through comics pretty quickly, so I’ve read a lot of them in that time. I’ve read some good … Continue reading

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