The Next Few Reviews

Groundhog Day Movie CoverHi kids. Just wanted to drop a quick note about the next few reviews you’ll see coming out of First Panel. You’ll be seeing a lot of familiar faces, and I quickly wanted to explain why.

What am I talking about? Well for example, I’ve just finished reading Akira, Vol. 5, which you will soon be seeing a review of. Of course, regular readers (lol – all my regular readers…) will surely notice that I just reviewed Akira, Vol. 4 in April. How much could a review of one volume of a series differ from the next? Not much, in all likelihood. But, I’ve made a pledge to myself (and to you, dear readers) to review every comic I read, right here on this site. And anyone who knows me will tell you that, if nothing else, I am a man of my word. And a man of impeccable taste. And something of a maverick. And a pleasure to be around, possessing a quick wit and great sense of humor. And of course terribly humble. But we’re getting off topic…

Anyway, fortunately for me (but perhaps unfortunately for you), I’m currently taking the opportunity to finish 3 beloved series that I’ve been following for some time: Akira, Scott Pilgrim, and Scalped. Well, Scalped is still publishing new serials, but I’m going to read it through all the bound editions they’ve released so far. At any rate, you’re about to see exactly 2 more reviews of Akira, 1 review of Scott Pilgrim (the finale – very exciting!), and 3 reviews of Scalped. I’m clearly a fan of each of these series (which is why I continue to read them as quickly as possible), and for that reason you can probably expect to see generally high marks for each of the next few reviews. But, I do promise to judge each book on its own merits, and give you the straight poop.

Where the fuck did that expression come from, anyway? Sounds nasty.

Anyway, after I get through those comics (which are already stacked up on my dresser), I will most likely get back to grabbing random-but-interesting-looking comics off the library shelves, which should offer a bit more variety, and hopefully (for your sake) a few duds. The duds are always more interesting, aren’t they?

So bear with me – or better yet, dive into Akira, Scott Pilgrim, and Scalped, and enjoy some happy reading!

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